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At GEMFIVE, fashion goes beyond just the clothes. We offer everything from shoes, jewellery,accessories, bags, lingerie and more. So whether you’re a fashionista who is always going for the latest trends and styles on the runway or a classicist who prefers the basics - sticking with things that have stood the test of time – GEMFIVE has it all.If you’re unsure of your style personality, then the suggestions below will help you determine it. This will help you understand the type of styles that you’re more suited to.


Choosing comfort and practicality is important to you and you love comfortable fabrics like cotton or linen. For you, a fashion piece can’t be too complicated because you’re a no-fuss kind of person. You’re not a fashion follower and your makeup is usually minimal to none. So when you’re shopping for your wardrobe, go for sleek, simple shapes in a monochrome, toned-down palette. Keep the look sharp, smart and clean. Black is usually your best friend.


For you, timeless is key. You prefer classic, simple, structured, coordinated look so for work, you’ll go for tailored suits, jackets and trousers and for casual wear, you’d prefer t-shirts, and denims. Your wardrobe is perfect for mixing and matching because of its limited colour palette as you usually stick to black,white, cream or navy. You like to embrace tradition, sticking with things that have stoof the test of time like a white-buttoned down shirt.


You love following the latest runway trends and you would update your wardrobe every season with the latest styles. Shoes, handbags and accessories play a big role in your wardrobe. You’re creative and daring, never one to run from prints, colours or madcap pairings. When shopping for clothes and accessories, you prefer the latest and most up-to-date fashion instead of sticking to the same basics all the time. Some might label you as a ‘trendsetter’.


GEMFIVE offers a hundred of fashion brands for you to choose from. From international to local brands,you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for at best prices. Some of the top fashion brands you can find in GEMFIVE:Casio, New Balance, Daniel Wellington, Esprit, Bonia, Fossil, French Sole, Nike, Puma, and more.

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