Big Pharmacy

Our company was incorporated in Malaysia under the company act 1956 as a private limited company with the name L & L Healthcare Supply Sdn Bhd. Our name will subsequently changed to Big Pharmacy Holdings Sdn Bhd on pending application as trademark. Our group began with the first outlet in Damansara Uptown in 2007 The second outlet was opened in 2009 under named SJ PHARMACY. The name of BIG pharmacy was used when the third outlet is opened in Taman OUG, and for all subsequently outlet opened.The principle activity of our company is mainly on the operation of community pharmacy. Our chain of pharmacies consist of wholly-owned and partially owned with not less than 60 percent of the share stake.

Our founder and executive chairman, Lee Meng Chuan, possesses background in pharmacist and management experience for more than 10 years. Although he is qualified pharmacist and with a bachelor of pharmacy from University of South Australia but profound on sales and marketing as theyll. The co-founder and executive director, Lim Sin Yin, acquired her bachelor of pharmacy from University of Strathclyde. She forte on stock inventory, providing training and management. Under their leadership, the group has grown progressively from small player primarily pharmacy to trading and have total 9 outlets in 2014.

Our outlet pharmacy all employed recognized licensed pharmacist with fully registered licensed under Lembaga Farmasi Malaysia. they ensure our pharmacist provide professional services for medicines and healthcare counseling. Besides that, our company also employed experienced professional with either nutritionist, dietician, food science backgroud. They give dietary advices and guide our customers on the selection of supplement. There are wide variety products are available in our pharmacy including health foods, vitamins, toiletries, cosmetic a,skin care and hair care products.

Over the years, they build our experience and marketing expertise in the field of pharmacy. they will continue our efforts and improvement on serving current and potential market. Ultimately they aspire to become one of the main regional players in the industry.

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